Jinsoft LogoBrand for Innovative eCommerce Solutions                                We focus on providing innovative web solutions, using cutting edge technologies, to enable you leverage your business, or automate your processes to gain streamlined operations for higher productivity. We specialize in the development of interactively dynamic websites, backed by adequate market research and usability guidelines, content management systems (CMS), eCommerce solutions, bespoke software solutions, Blog/Forum development blending with strategic internet marketing (search engine optimization) that potentially yields outstanding ROI for you.
We provide business solutions considering your long term goals, market trends and the target audience behavior. At Jinsoft, long term business relationship and customer growth come first. With unparalleled expertize, versatile domain knowledge, passionate technology use in each business activity, Jinsoft can satisfy a vast range of your objectives. Our detailed processes include comprehensive requirement gathering, innovative solutions, open communication, efficient project execution and exemplary post deployment support. These result in happy and satisfied clients across the globe.
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Communication and Branding Experts                                                                      We focus on the following business services:
Branding Activity: For a new company like a going concern, branding activity must be sustained, involving alignment of relationships management, market communication and internal communication. Cognitio with its concerted effort ensures that your branding activity gets the desired effect, resulting in your business growth.

Iconic brand design: A symbol communicates easily to audience and leaves a deep imprint in their psyche. To succeed, therefore, It is crucial to have a unique and relevant brand design. We put our imagination and incisiveness to work for you.

Brand building: It takes years of conscious effort to build a brand that connects to people. This can be achieved by ascribing values to the brand that manifests what people want in themselves. A brand has to address the aspiration of its audience, then only can it enjoy recognition. Cognitio is passionate creating a desireable brand for you that belongs to people.

Brand Management: Managing a brand involves maintaining its tangible as well as intangible features, in light of the promise, delivery and sustenance. We are committed to making your brand communicate all its values thoroughly and stand out from competition.

Product positioning: We are fierce in rejecting our own work again and again until we are satisfied. Cognitio creates something better with every opportunity, and our competition is with none other than ourselves. We outdo ourselves with each of our new work. To achieve this, we turn our office into a smoky and suffocating hovel with lots of wastes. If you want to get bruised with ferocity and belligerence, visit our office. You will be welcome with a roar.

Communication: Whatever claim one can make ... but it is communication that engages audiences with a brand. If communication is weak it will fail to impress the audience notwithstanding the big benefit the product may offer. This is why we go extra miles in ensuring that the brand message is conveyed properly, entertainingly ... either visually or verbally or both.

Print: The strongest medium in advertising is still print, as it creates direct and immediate connect with the reader. And our forte. Whether it is a print ad, a brochure or a banner, we deliver marvel. And this is not a claim but a truth. You can check our portfolio.

Radio: Sounds that create imagery does work well for a brand. Radio demands imagination, to push your brand message. "No hackneyed arrangement of words will do any good to your brand".

Web & Multimedia: With digital media and a vast base of users, web is the powerful medium to reach the audience. But, to be noticed, one has to create something innovative and clutter-breaking. Be it web banners, websites or emailers, we create them all by assimilating technology, creativity and applicability. We also apply the same approach to doing Multimedia.

Activation Event: To serve as "one-stop-shop" for all promotion activity we also ideate, design and execute corporate events. We are clear that everything that goes into making an event a success must be brand orientated -- no gimmicks, no frills.

Event's collaterals: One cannot think of an event without colorful and vibrant collaterals. We are right there to make an event speak of elegance, vibrancy and creativity with our collaterals.
  • Accommodating and resourceful, even in non-business hours. It was incredibly interesting to work with Genesis Consulting because they provided creative support on the assignment ...
    Omar Babtain,
    Founding Partner, Sugar Refining, Bahrain.
  • Exuding quality with commercial, technical and proactive judgment.
    Eng. Ayman A. Al-Shibl,
    Chairman of the Board, Saudi Superlit, Riyadh.
  • Genesis Consulting principals … very well known for expertise and thorough advisory services ...
    Prince Turki Bin Khalid Bin Faisal,
    Shams Media for International Publishing & Development LLC, Riyadh.
  • A winning blend of technical excellence and business acumen … a pleasure to work with Genesis principals...
    Mahmoud Elshorbagi,
    Managing Director, Five Star Flour Mills & Animal Feed Group, Cairo.
  • Grossly dissatisfied in dealing with this Brand multinational advisory firm in Damascus, I finally tracked down the Genesis Consulting CEO in Riyadh and had him fly-out to Syria to sign four advisory mandates...
    Group CEO of a prominent private sector Group in various activities,
  • Genesis Consulting provides the best of both worlds - a Big Four service quality, at a super value for fees and care of a boutique firm...
    Dr. Othman Altuwairgi,
    Chief Executive Officer, SWAN Medical Company LLC, Riyadh.
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Alliances are essential building blocks for enterprises to achieve stronger and more effective market presence. Alliances are now a fact of life for business, an important piece of current operations as well as future strategy.
Enterprises are forming alliances with their rivals, their suppliers, and even their customers. Increasingly, groups of enterprises are competing against other groups, changing the distribution of economic power in society and nudging more and more single enterprises into alliances.
Alliances take a number of forms and go by various labels. Alliances may be contracts, limited partnerships, general partnerships, or corporate joint ventures, or may take less formal forms, such as a referral network. Experts classify all strategic alliances into three: "trading", "functional" or "dynamic" operating alliances.
A "trading" alliance is nothing more than buyers and sellers forming a largely passive sales and distribution based on contractual terms.
A "functional" alliance integrates certain basic "functions" between the two parties by pooling efforts to attain specific goals and establish ongoing management relationships. These functional alliances are usually used to pursue or improve research and development projects, share costs, provide geographical market access and, generally, enhance distribution or sales activities.
A "dynamic" alliance involves the "hidden" assets of the two parties in terms of the skills, knowledge and capacity necessary to deliver results. Examples of "hidden assets" are research and development capabilities, proprietary technology, organizational strength or market-based acceptance. In a dynamic alliance, selected hidden assets are integrated. However, in many instances, the parties do not know exactly what assets are going to be required because the structure of the alliance almost always evolves during negotiations and initial operations.
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