Business Recovery Services

We accept corporate recovery and restructuring appointments on a selected basis. Underperforming businesses (or those in crisis) as well as lenders to those businesses, require our services. 

A key challenge in a changing business environment is to gain an immediate understanding of the interests and perceptions, and assess the likely perspectives, of each of the parties (broadly, the lender group and the Corporate) involved. Our experience of acting for lenders and Corporates in the capital structure provides insight as to how we should stabilize key relationships with, and instill confidence in, employees, creditors, lenders and other stakeholders. We help manage complex constituency relations and communication.

Our ability to produce a customized solution for our customers in each case is supported by our propensity to draw upon a number of disciplines across our business. We would perform a full review of the Corporate's financial situation to identify all potential cost savings and liquidity generating opportunities with a view to supporting and achieving the overall restructuring objectives, as well as concurrently managing away from potential threats.

Logic Diagram

Regardless of the reasons that lie at the cause of your challenges, the following symptoms indicate that a situation exists where our experience may be of benefit to you:

  • There is a downturn in your market or shifting consumer preferences
  • Corporate structure is no longer aligned with your business objectives
  • Units or subsidiaries are operating inconsistently with group strategy
  • The Corporate faces an actual or potential breach of covenant
  • There is poor liquidity or excessive debt
  • You have concerns about the business, as Corporate or lender, and wish to carry out independent business review to consider available options
  • You need to manage your exposure, both legal and financial, as Corporate or lender in a distressed business
  • A credit rating downgrade is looming
  • There is a need, or desire, to divest/sell-off some non-core operations
  • The company is trading at distressed levels

We deal with situational dynamics. The required support in a financially distressed situation can be achieved by a combination of some, or all, of the work outlined in the above diagram.

  • An independent business review  usually covers an analysis of where is the Corporate, why is the Corporate not where we thought it would be, where is the Corporate planning to go in the future, how realistic is the Corporate plan and what challenges are to be faced
  • An options review  - what different options exist; what are the pros and cons of each, and what would we  recommend as the way forward (e.g., identify and dispose of non-core assets, stabilize core operations while addressing liquidity concerns)
  • Financial advice and assistance in the design, negotiation and implementation of the situation  (e.g., cash conservation guidelines and controls)
  • Treasury and cash management  - we leverage our experience to forecasting cash receipts and payments, and create an actionable treasury and cash management plan, with the goal to help maximize cash based returns on investment and optimize working capital
  • Optimized exits  - assisting in the design and execution of a controlled exit plan to preserve and maximize value
  • Contingency planning  - what are Plans B and C if the consensual restructuring cannot be achieved? - Genesis Consulting can design a plan for a variety of scenarios
  • Corporate simplification  - how to make a group structure simpler, reduce operating costs and, hopefully, release capital
  • Business and operational restructuring  - we can devise, or review, such plans, or report on new progress and implementation
  • Corporate insolvency  - subject to local legislation and regulation we may deal with corporate insolvency either as the insolvency office holder, or by providing the support such an office may require

Working directly with the customer (lender/ Corporate) management, we help stabilize financial and operational performance. We assist management to develop reasonable business plans, build consensus, manage expectations, focus on quick decisions and drive the process with the aim of financial stability and sustainable improvement.

We offer a full range of advisory and implementation support services focused on maximizing recoveries, performance improvement, and resolving structural/ financial issues, including the following: 

  • Developing a restructuring plan and building consensus
  • Generating liquidity and managing cash
  • Performing valuations
  • Assisting to create a market in the selling of non-core assets and businesses
  • Negotiating with creditors and debt providers on term adjustments, stock buybacks, debt consolidations and refinancing, debt for equity swaps
  • Recapitalizations through new equity partners, rights offers
  • Assistance with tax efficient structuring and planning
  • Interpretation, structuring and drafting of legal agreements
  • Supporting and steering management towards a sustainable recovery.

We offer our Corporate/ lending customers a fee structure that aligns our compensation with their objectives. By sharing the risk and rewards, we truly become partners in achieving success.

  • Accommodating and resourceful, even in non-business hours. It was incredibly interesting to work with Genesis Consulting because they provided creative support on the assignment ...
    Omar Babtain,
    Founding Partner, Sugar Refining, Bahrain.
  • Exuding quality with commercial, technical and proactive judgment.
    Eng. Ayman A. Al-Shibl,
    Chairman of the Board, Saudi Superlit, Riyadh.
  • Genesis Consulting principals … very well known for expertise and thorough advisory services ...
    Prince Turki Bin Khalid Bin Faisal,
    Shams Media for International Publishing & Development LLC, Riyadh.
  • A winning blend of technical excellence and business acumen … a pleasure to work with Genesis principals...
    Mahmoud Elshorbagi,
    Managing Director, Five Star Flour Mills & Animal Feed Group, Cairo.
  • Grossly dissatisfied in dealing with this Brand multinational advisory firm in Damascus, I finally tracked down the Genesis Consulting CEO in Riyadh and had him fly-out to Syria to sign four advisory mandates...
    Group CEO of a prominent private sector Group in various activities,
  • Genesis Consulting provides the best of both worlds - a Big Four service quality, at a super value for fees and care of a boutique firm...
    Dr. Othman Altuwairgi,
    Chief Executive Officer, SWAN Medical Company LLC, Riyadh.
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"Disposing off the toxic and surplus assets, troubleshooting on operational issues and improving process and technology efficiencies, enhancing cash-to-cash levels and margins will hold better prospects for your business."
"There is nothing like tightening your business belt, identifying ways to improve and wedge more out of your business ... Always have Plans B and C in hand ... Through commitment and teamwork, you can deliver greater results."
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