Lead Advisory Services

We provide independent financial advice and creative solutions to companies, family businesses, institutional investors and governments seeking to buy or sell businesses, raise new finance or improve the efficiency of the funding on their balance sheets.

We advise and support through all phases of the deal cycle. For buy-side, this would include the identification of appropriate targets, raising finance, seeking to resolve valuation inconsistencies between vendor and acquirer and making the deal happen.  

We are independent of the source of finance. Therefore, we differentiate ourselves through intellectual (not financial) capital.

Our deep sector knowledge, access to corporate finance networks and knowledge of regional markets combine to make great deals better.

Genesis Consulting has developed a deep inventory of structuring skills through its Equity Capital Markets, Debt Capital Markets and Mergers & Acquisitions practices, enabling it to provide corporate clients with the best-in-class financial advice. Our lead advisory services cater for actionable solutions on funding structures, direct investment planning, strategic alliances including joint ventures, cash flow optimization, and fund raising.

We develop a corporate finance solution that is customized to the customer's specific business and industry. We develop a corporate finance strategy with the customer's management, based on their expansion plans, working capital cycles and changes in the industry dynamics. Upon completion of our in-depth analyses, we deliver an actionable corporate finance solution accompanied by an implementation plan and completion schedule.

Our Lead Advisory Services include the following:


M&A Advisory Services

The Mergers & Acquisitions business is one of Genesis Consulting's core service offerings. We have one of the most experienced teams advising corporate clients on achieving strategic objectives through mergers and acquisitions. The Genesis Consulting M&A team boasts resources with formidable track records in this business.

Our team's experience includes advising local, regional and multinational clients on strategic transactions including acquisitions, mergers and divestitures. Not only does our team have technical depth in specific sectors, it also has well developed access to key decision makers within various industries and government agencies. This access ensures that Genesis Consulting has leading market intelligence and can offer effective execution.

The team is well positioned to provide best-in-class advice on both sell- and buy-side transactions and in seeing them through to closure. We have the capability and know-how to bring value-added opportunities which are best suited for the strategic needs of our clients, helping them achieve their business objectives, structure transactions and optimize their business strategies.

We offer advice on the full range of strategic transactions, comprising mergers, buy-side advisory, sell-side advisory including disposals, spin-offs, split-offs and divestitures, joint ventures, other forms of strategic alliances, fairness and expert opinions and anti-takeover and takeover defenses. We help with your non-organic growth needs and disposal of non-core assets. We can help you access new markets, assets, technologies, personnel, intellectual property and sources of finance as well as restructure your asset base, as follows:

  • Expert advice throughout the transaction
  • Proven ability to help find the right buyer for your business, or help identify the right acquisition target to fit with your strategic ambition
  • Benefit of access to specialists in the rules and regulations governing publicly listed companies
  • National and regional network of practitioners with local knowledge.

For every deal we draw upon our full range of services -- including due diligence, tax and legal advice.

Our advisory services include all aspects of acquisitions, disposals, private equity transactions and finance raising, including:

  • Strategic advice and assistance with deal planning
  • Deal origination
  • Deal execution
  • Preparing business plans and financial modeling of projections
  • Valuation of assets
  • Capital and debt raising, including private equity financing
  • Debt restructuring
  • Co-ordinate other advisers (e.g. lawyers, due diligence providers etc)
  • Exit strategy reviews
  • Public to private transactions
  • Advice on takeover offers and bid defense.

Our valuation services include intangibles, impairment testing, purchase price allocations and intellectual capital.

We deploy our local teams having deep industry expertise with local knowledge to focus on your deal.


  • We identify M&A targets
  • We formulate an approach strategy including initial views on valuation, structuring and transaction parameters
  • We recommend terms and pricing
  • We approach targets and assist clients in negotiations, advising on strategy, tactics and the structuring of the transaction
  • When necessary, we advise on anti-takeover defenses
  • We develop a framework for and assist with due diligence
  • We project-manage and liaise with other professionals, experts and service providers
  • We identify and approach potential providers of capital whether debt or equity financing
  • We liaise with and obtain opinions and formal rulings from regulators
  • We ensure that the deal moves towards a timely close.


  • We advise on strategic options and alternatives
  • We value and prepare a transaction memorandum
  • We identify, approach and secure potential buyers and investors
  • Facilitate negotiations and manage the bidding process ensuring optimal value realization for our clients
  • Manage the transaction with the aim of a successful close


Private Capital (ECM) Advisory Services

Our expertise spans a number of industries including telecom and media, industrials, healthcare, real estate, construction materials, financial services and food and beverages. With our considerable experience in servicing leading companies, we have become recognized for our intimate understanding across multiple industries / sectors, private equities, and sovereign wealth funds.

For enterprises and management teams wanting to invest in or take control of their businesses, and private capital houses looking for the right investment for their funds or wanting to divest them, our team provides advice and execution expertise on private capital transactions, as follows:

  • Expert advice and experience
  • Access to industry experts across the full range of industry sectors
  • Access to the range of services necessary to complete a deal, including strategic deal advice, taxation advice, human capital advice, legal advice, regulatory compliance and due diligence.

Our private capital advisory services include the following:

  • Deal origination
  • Sources of finance
  • Valuations of assets
  • Deal planning/deal strategy
  • Deal structuring
  • Exit planning and execution
  • Domestic and cross-border transactions.

Genesis Consulting's Equity Capital Markets people provide advisory services for:

Initial Public Offerings: Our Equity Capital Markets division is a "one-stop shop" for IPOs with services encompassing advisory, valuation, coordinating with underwriters, and distribution, along with assisting the receiving bank and flotation management services. This is in addition to the unmatched expertise of our team with years of professional experience in helping a large number of private companies become public companies. Benefitting from our expertise, these companies are able to realize value and raise capital with utmost efficiency, maximizing the benefits and financial gain of going public.

Genesis Consulting can also provide expert advice on matters relating to taking companies public. Such services also include non-funding issues such as finding the optimal transaction structure and corporate governance best practices consistent with regulatory guidelines.

The process of taking a private company public is a process of business and corporate culture transformation. This process has many critical threads that need to be efficiently and professionally managed to ensure that there is added value once the transformation process is completed. To ensure that the transformation is seamless, it is crucial that the selected advisor enjoys high intellectual standards and know-how as well as strong credibility with regulators and an intimate understanding of the relevant regulatory requirements. Genesis Consulting offers you all of these.

Rights Issues: The process of raising capital through a rights issue is not substantially different from that of an IPO. However, these transactions can be much more complex with a higher risk profile to the issuer than a straight-forward IPO.

The experienced Genesis Consulting professionals have an extensive knowledge-base on the challenges of raising capital through a rights issue. This makes us the ideal choice for clients seeking this expertise.

Genesis Consulting works very closely with our corporate clients' executive teams in structuring an efficient transaction, based on the needs and requirements of the client as dictated by the capital expenditure or investment plans. It is at that point that Genesis Consulting, working jointly with the company's senior management, determines the optimal structure and timing to achieve a successful transaction.

Secondary Placements: Companies expand their shareholder base as well as raise funds to finance growth through secondary offerings. These are defined as the issuing of new shares to new shareholders in the existing companies.

Although secondary offerings are few and far between in certain emerging capital markets, they are an efficient way to expand ownership of public companies. Genesis Consulting has the expertise in executing such transactions.

Private Placements: The Genesis Consulting professionals are very well placed in contributing on private placement transactions. Raising capital in the private domain is our key strength that includes our extensive knowledge of the local market and our wide network of relationships with significant investors.

Understanding the business potential of private companies and unlocking the value embedded in private businesses is a complicated matter. This is particularly true for transactions executed in the private placement market. When selecting a private placement advisor, it is crucial that the assessment of the capabilities of this advisor is measured primarily by their ability to align the objectives of both the buyer and seller to arrive at a successful conclusion for the transaction. The ability to achieve the required meeting of minds between the buyers and the sellers is the product of extensive market knowledge and intelligence, strong intellectual capabilities and thorough understanding of financial markets in the Kingdom.

Building on our heritage of expertise and knowledge, accumulated over years of leadership in the emerging markets, Genesis Consulting is committed to deploying resources to maximize opportunities and achieve successful closures. Our track record of success is a testimony to our intimate knowledge of the financial landscape and strong client relationships, built on trust and respect.


Debt Capital (DCM) Advisory Services

Businesses, that need to raise debt finance, or refinance, or obtain waivers and amendments to the existing finance arrangements, have been facing an unpredictable response from their lenders, even when their banking relationships have historically been strong.

The banking sector is undergoing a period of rapid change. We understand the creditor market, especially in stressed situations, and can use our knowledge to provide independent advice to help companies raise or retain financing on the most appropriate terms.

Genesis Consulting's highly experienced Debt Capital Market advisors leverage a heritage of expertise and innovation in helping enterprises raise debt capital through conventional bonds, commercial papers and Islamic Sukuks.

We work with enterprises and their sponsors throughout the credit spectrum, from investment grade to those with stressed balance sheets. We also have experience across the full range of debt markets including banking, capital markets, asset-based lending, securitization and project debt.

We offer comprehensive and integrated advice on related tax, legal and regulatory issues. Our advice is independent and unbiased by ties to specific financing sources or products.

All mandates (i.e., acquisition debt finance, refinance, additional funding, and risky debt covenant relationships) are led by our senior, experienced, professionals. We have strength and depth in dealing with the issues faced in financial reorganizations, and have advised and assisted on some very complex transactions in recent times.

Genesis Consulting ensures that the time required to obtain approvals for raising debt capital is kept to a minimum. We enjoy unparalleled access to a very large and significant funding pool that consists of institutional and private investors.

Our approach is to work in close partnership with senior management and the Board from an early stage to develop a comprehensive set of potential financing solutions. We then assess each option and assist senior management to implement the preferred solution, as follows:

  • Conducting competitive tenders for the provision of financing solutions, including the negotiation of terms sheets and financing documentation, for both debt and equity
  • Negotiating amendments to existing financing terms, including covenant amendments and waivers, and debt rescheduling
  • Negotiating restructurings, including debt for equity swaps
  • Managing the rating agency process
  • Managing stakeholder relationships


Management & Leveraged Transactions

A Management Buy-Out ("MBO") is an established form of acquiring all or part of a company that a management team is operating. This allows managers to maximize the financial benefits they receive through the success they bring to the company.

In some instances, the owners approach the management team with a view to retiring or monetizing their investment and wanting to leave the business in capable hands. The MBO process can be a significant disruption to managers who must attend to the running of the business at the same time as resolving the structure, financing and completion of the transaction.

We have the expertise and experience to steer management through each phase of the MBO transaction. Our aim is to help management achieve the most favorable price with the most appropriate financial structure at the lowest margin financing. We offer independent advice with a complete transaction management service.

Contact us if the following circumstances exist in the business you manage:

  • Certain parts of the business is no longer seen as core activities
  • The business is in financial distress and needs cash
  • Parts of acquisitions are unwanted in a family business: succession issues through the retirement of the owner
  • Your management team stands to gain independence, autonomy, influence strategy and direction with the prospect of capital gain

Our MBO Advisory services include:

  • Performing a business valuation and feasibility assessment
  • Advising on the financial structuring
  • Advising and assisting with capital raising including management equity, private equity , debt- and seller / vendor financing
  • Introducing experts to assist with tax structuring and legal advice
  • Negotiating and facilitating towards a successful buyout.


Real Estate, Hospitality & Leisure Services

In all sectors of the real estate, hospitality, and construction industries, we classify our services around our client's business initiatives as they relate to performance improvement, risk, and deals/ transactions. This focus allows us to build relationships that continually provide value to our clients.

We have developed a thorough understanding of the interplay among today's changing real estate marketplace issues, asset valuation, and capital markets. We cover the full spectrum of real estate valuation services, ranging from evaluating large and diverse portfolios to performing single property analyses as well as the identification and valuation of tangible and intangible real estate asset classes.

Our services include:

  • Asset acquisition and disposition
  • Benchmarking
  • Capital sourcing
  • Commerciall due diligence
  • Company restructuring 
  • Financial modeling
  • Highest and best use analyses
  • Impact studies
  • Market studies
  • Operator/manager search and selection
  • Operator/manager contract review
  • Operational diagnostics, enhancement, and internal control review
  • Organizational change
  • Portfolio repositioning analysis/ restructuring and management
  • Real estate research
  • Strategic business planning
  • Valuation services

Most above services are offered for the following real estate asset classes:

  • Commercial
  • Condominium hotels, time share and vacation ownership
  • Convention centers 
  • Cruise lines 
  • Golf courses
  • Hotel and hotel apartments
  • Marinas 
  • Residential
  • Restaurants
  • Retail 
  • Sports stadiums
  • Theme parks


Education Advisory Services

Working as partner with clients in the education field, we provide them with experienced professional consulting services related to school management.

Our familiarity with a diverse range of school and education systems in the region, and our up to date expert knowledge of market trends and parental expectations, makes us leaders in the provision of education advisory services. We deploy the right mix of skills and experience suited for each education organization's needs.

We help school Boards and senior management achieve optimal outcomes through the use of best practices and provision of customized solutions.

Our services include:

  • Assistance with acquiring or establishing a school, college or educational institute: We support with all aspects of setting up a new school - feasibility studies, acquisition evaluation, investment risk analysis and technical due diligence, facilities planning, curriculum and extra-curricular planning, marketing plan (focusing on market positioning, goal-setting), personnel planning, curricula launching
  • Business/Financial Management services: These services include long term financial planning, budget development assistance, cash flow projections, Business Office operation, and revenue solutions
  • School Evaluation/Management review: This includes strategic and school development planning, vision and mission articulation, evaluating school culture, evaluation of operation and management of the school, assessing and monitoring the quality of the educational program (curriculum choices and extracurricular electives), expansion planning
  • Organization/Staffing Structure review: Review of organization structures and staffing charts, accountability processes, reporting structures, salary structure guidance, improving staff performance and staff morale, staff professional development
  • Appraisal of School leaders and senior staff: Tools to evaluate school leaders' effectiveness, mentoring school leaders through leadership transitions
  • Assisting in international accreditation readiness: We assist management with the self-assessment Guiding Statements, and self-assessment of Teaching and Learning, Access to Teaching and Learning, Governance and Leadership, Faculty and Support Staff, School Culture and Partnerships for Learning, as well as self-assessment of the Operational Systems.


Infrastructure Advisory, PPP and Project Finance

Whether it is raising funds for infrastructure projects or procuring private sector partners for our public sector clients, we deliver solutions that fund new roads, upgrade housing, build schools, modernize hospitals, improve rail services, and regenerate communities. With an extensive track record of providing authoritative, innovative advice on a wide range of transactions, our experience and local knowledge enable us to deliver the integrated strategies and services our clients require.

We work with governments, helping them shape their policy, developing frameworks and helping them to implement Public Private Partnerships ("PPP"s), industry by industry. We reconcile investors' need for profit with the requirements of Government for political and financial transparency. As an independent adviser, we engineer a truly competitive bidding process. When advising private sector bidders, we help them to develop structures that allow access to local and international funds.

You may be in the public sector and need:

  • To accelerate the delivery of public sector and infrastructure services
  • To advise on the strategy for involving the private sector in delivering public services
  • To fund additional necessary infrastructure investment, bearing in mind the need to control public sector borrowing and Maastricht criteria
  • To transfer appropriate risk to the private sector and to improve innovation and economic efficiency
  • To achieve competitive value for money procurements.

You may be in the private sector and need:

  • Knowledge of the public sector and its procurement processes
  • To bring together project partners and structure consortia
  • To arrange competitive financing and financing structures
  • To manage tax and accounting aspects of procurements.

Our service offering includes:

  • Transaction advice to the public & private sector on PPPs and PFI
  • Scoping and developing the project and the implementation of the procurement process
  • Structuring the deal and arranging finance for the private sector
  • Negotiating through to financial close
  • Assisting partnership management post contract award
  • Post-transaction services
  • Project Finance - long-term funding for infrastructure development
  • Public sector policy and strategy advice
  • Corporate financing services and debt advice
  • Regional development and grants advice
  • Outsourcing advice.
  • Accommodating and resourceful, even in non-business hours. It was incredibly interesting to work with Genesis Consulting because they provided creative support on the assignment ...
    Omar Babtain,
    Founding Partner, Sugar Refining, Bahrain.
  • Exuding quality with commercial, technical and proactive judgment.
    Eng. Ayman A. Al-Shibl,
    Chairman of the Board, Saudi Superlit, Riyadh.
  • Genesis Consulting principals … very well known for expertise and thorough advisory services ...
    Prince Turki Bin Khalid Bin Faisal,
    Shams Media for International Publishing & Development LLC, Riyadh.
  • A winning blend of technical excellence and business acumen … a pleasure to work with Genesis principals...
    Mahmoud Elshorbagi,
    Managing Director, Five Star Flour Mills & Animal Feed Group, Cairo.
  • Grossly dissatisfied in dealing with this Brand multinational advisory firm in Damascus, I finally tracked down the Genesis Consulting CEO in Riyadh and had him fly-out to Syria to sign four advisory mandates...
    Group CEO of a prominent private sector Group in various activities,
  • Genesis Consulting provides the best of both worlds - a Big Four service quality, at a super value for fees and care of a boutique firm...
    Dr. Othman Altuwairgi,
    Chief Executive Officer, SWAN Medical Company LLC, Riyadh.
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"The Renewable Energy Sector related deal opportunities are evident in (a) acquisition or balancing of generation capacity by power utilities, (b) developers wanting to sell-on projects to raise finance for new projects, and (c) consolidation and shake-out among solar and wind technology producers."
"Financing to build a new renewable generation facility is a major challenge, especially during construction when the project is vulnerable to cost overruns."
"Utility companies have to weigh up a complex interplay of renewable and non-renewable investment choices, balance demand and supply, and ensure the grid infrastructure is in place to support new generation sources."
What makes a successful exit strategy?
To achieve a successful exit, typically measured by the associated return on capital, businesses should:
  1. Prepare early and have a plan - to instill greater buyer confidence, gain control over the process and realize greater capital return.
  2. Appoint the right team to deliver: this is the cornerstone of any strategy. Incentivize the right team, with the relevant skills needed to deliver.
  3. Carry out structured and regular portfolio reviews of performance and contribution to the broader strategic goals. In doing this, companies can use an asset exit as a strategic tool, rather than as a reactive move to free up cash or pay down debt.
  4. Monitor against the original deal rationale and business case, including whether the original expected exit strategy is still relevant, or if the market has changed.
  5. Consider the full range of potential buyers. Include strategic, financial, domestic and overseas options to create strong interest for an asset, which can in turn, lead to higher valuations.

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