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In the current business environment, many lenders, ratings agencies, stock exchanges and other regulators are more demanding than ever. There is heightened focus on good corporate governance, independent oversight and decision-making. Business transactions, big and small, depend on transparency and integrity in order to close the deals. Raising funds and closing financial transactions require clear, independent thinking. Clients are seeking a service that is customized for their needs, in synch with their objectives, from highly knowledgeable, reliable and quality driven professionals who can constructively evaluate the actions of the executive management.

The general consensus among shareholders is that independent directors improve the performance of a company through their objective view of the company's health and operations.

What are the benefits of independent directors ("NXDs")? 

  • NXDs can provide expertise that a small or growing business normally otherwise could not afford to buy.
  • They are more committed than business advisers from mega consulting firms.
  • They add credibility to the management team (in particular for investment funding rounds).
  • Have industry contacts that would benefit sales or in understanding the market.
  • May purchase shares in the business, or have access to funding sources.
  • Will be a sounding board for the MD or CEO.
  • Brings years of experience when looking at business or growth plans.
  • Can provide crucial guidance at the critical stages of a business.
  • Fill particular skill gaps which the owners or founders of a young company may have.

Lenders commonly require independent directors to serve on the boards of special purpose entities (SPEs) formed by companies to safeguard assets during major real estate transactions. Independent directors also play a critical role on the boards of distressed companies.

Nothing helps maximize value more and insulates a company from litigation than having knowledgeable, experienced directors to deal with any situation. Having the best available directors is the goal of every company, but it becomes critical when an entity faces financial distress. While most companies we serve will never face financial distress, isn't it nice to know from the outset that your directors can handle any situation seamlessly?

Today's companies are searching for the right expertise and diversity mix for their Boards, but are struggling to find the RIGHT non-executive/ independent directors. There also seems to be a large gap in the industry between Board of Directors on start-ups and SMEs, and independent Board members of large corporates.

Genesis Consulting Independent Director Services is an advisory service to business enterprises and, consequently, to fellow Board members and C-Suites on issues of Board level involvement. We provide executive level resources to Boards, to act as an objective independent advisor to evaluate, perform due diligence and, among other things, define the risk mitigation of business actions, plans and strategies.

Also, when your structured finance transaction results in the need for an Independent Director for your Special Purpose Entity (SPE), you can confidently turn to Genesis Consulting.

Through experience, we provide independent directors who are knowledgeable about the intricacies of distressed situations and the fiduciary duties of directors of companies that are insolvent or are entering the zone of insolvency.

How will you benefit?

"Your Directors have limited time and staff to support the demanding and varied responsibilities that now carry increased penalties for failure"

  • You gain expert advice and input to help you move to the next level.
  • You will receive fresh independent views of your enterprise, its challenges and its benchmark performance.
  • You gain increasing levels of confidence that your organizational management systems and strategy are: Appropriate - Open - Safe - Reliable - Efficient.

What will our service do for you?

"If you focus on results, you will never change. If you focus on change, you will get results…"

  • We provide Boards with analyses to assist in the review; evaluation, approval and monitoring of business risks.
  • We provide up-to-date information and support on governance, regulatory guidance, best practices and industry trends -- all with commercial perspectives.
  • We will help fellow directors to effectively and efficiently manage their responsibility to shareholders, regulators and the market, as well as in reviewing, monitoring and approving the actions and plans of their enterprises. We will assist in meeting the governance needs, to reduce enterprise risk, and support the role in the enterprise's effective leadership.
  • We will assist your enterprise develop open cultures that assist employees, customers and suppliers communicate key issues to the Board in a filtered manner.
  • We will interpret the latest industry developments, regulatory issues, and give recommendations for practical compliance implementation.

Our approach

We work with our client enterprises as confidential partners.

Our opinions are trusted and respected. We offer straight talk, confidentiality, independence and commercial understanding. We look to operate with our clients for the long term.

  • We invest our time to understand your organization so that we can add extra value.
  • We give you a fresh view of your business.
  • We support strategic decisions.
  • We challenge assumptions.
  • We educate through observation and comparison.
  • We perform free from bias and internal politics.

Why choose us?

"Clients tell us it's because we work alongside them and that we contribute to their businesses success"

  • Expertise: Our hand-selected people are objective experts with experience to meet our clients' specific needs. They have graduate degrees or professional qualifications in law, business, finance, accountancy and engineering. When we interpret the detail and advise strategically, we ensure that a thoughtful process is followed which insulates the company from attack. We also provide an exceptional set of advisory services and solutions.
  • Independence: As a privately owned practice not affiliated with any bank, law firm or other third party, Genesis Consulting offers experienced directors who are truly independent of any financing or other interests.
  • Flexibility: We can provide you with ONE director or 100, depending on your needs. We are there at your most critical moments. Our people do everything from authorizing a material event, to hands-on, day-to-day management.
  • Value: Genesis Consulting has a flexible pricing structure. Pricing is based on several critieria, including consideration of a retainer, the number of directors required, the number of entities involved, etc.

CALL our Chief Executive NOW for an informal discussion about the issues facing your organization, or complete our form on this website that appears under "Contact Us".

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  • Accommodating and resourceful, even in non-business hours. It was incredibly interesting to work with Genesis Consulting because they provided creative support on the assignment ...
    Omar Babtain,
    Founding Partner, Sugar Refining, Bahrain.
  • Exuding quality with commercial, technical and proactive judgment.
    Eng. Ayman A. Al-Shibl,
    Chairman of the Board, Saudi Superlit, Riyadh.
  • Genesis Consulting principals … very well known for expertise and thorough advisory services ...
    Prince Turki Bin Khalid Bin Faisal,
    Shams Media for International Publishing & Development LLC, Riyadh.
  • A winning blend of technical excellence and business acumen … a pleasure to work with Genesis principals...
    Mahmoud Elshorbagi,
    Managing Director, Five Star Flour Mills & Animal Feed Group, Cairo.
  • Grossly dissatisfied in dealing with this Brand multinational advisory firm in Damascus, I finally tracked down the Genesis Consulting CEO in Riyadh and had him fly-out to Syria to sign four advisory mandates...
    Group CEO of a prominent private sector Group in various activities,
  • Genesis Consulting provides the best of both worlds - a Big Four service quality, at a super value for fees and care of a boutique firm...
    Dr. Othman Altuwairgi,
    Chief Executive Officer, SWAN Medical Company LLC, Riyadh.
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There has been an increasing incidence of large corporate failures in governance arising from risks that were either not understood or had been badly managed; risks that resulted in a loss of confidence amongst key stakeholders including shareholders, customers, staff and the general public.

"The trouble with accounting, performance measurement and risk control is that they treat companies as if they are mechanical. They assume broadly that they are machines which, for a certain level of inputs, will deliver a predictable level of output. But the greater truth, particularly in the modern era where talent is the big differentiator, is that companies are collections of people, and they are as much biological as mechanical". It is the 'biological' that creates the success. The new language we need is the language of 'difference', rather than the tired old processes of D&I. Instead we should recruit for teams and drive difference."

What matters is not the individual brilliance of staff or board members but the combination of expertise, experience and behaviors .

Independent Directors are not just beholden to a secured creditor's desire that a special purpose entity stays out of bankruptcy. They must look at and understand all of the circumstances surrounding the request for bankruptcy protection.  

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